Anyone else having server issues?

My game will not load what so ever…and the Once it did…it froze and did nothing…anyone else having issues?

What happens the times it doesn’t load? Does it time out? Is there any kind of error message? Is this Xbox or PS4?

PS4 and it keeps saying “there is a problem connecting to servers please wait a few minutes and retry” something to that effect

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ok Sony is just being a bunch of idiotic &^$(^. a LOT of people are having connection issues

Is anyone else on Xbox One having server issues right now? Even though I am in the game, just sitting on the map screen, I continually receive the “Difficulty connecting to Server” pop-up. It concerns me in that now may not be the best time to try and play…

It happens every Saturday around this time - it’s been like this for months.

We are not aware of any server issues on Xbox One recently. What time does this happen? (please include what timezone you are in)

Anyone else having Ps4’s major lag/disconnect issues to PLEASE call SONY customer support…so far out of hundreds if not thousands of reported cases…sony is not going public with acknowledgment AT all and making their customer support reps blame it on everyone’s isp…that’s many people all over the globe…NOT an isp issue…since all contact with sony is recorded…they CAN’T ignore us with connection issues for long

@Nimhain - I was having problems at the very time that I posted yesterday – Just before Noon Central Time on Saturday, March 11.

And having problems again right now – Cannot claim tribute from Map screen on Xbox One, with “There was a problem when trying to contact the server” messages. 10:40am Central Daylight Time (please be advised that we lost an hour as of 2am this morning, as we had to “spring forward”).

I fixed Mine by resetting my modem,the 4.5 update that sony did messed with the modem/connection