Servers aren't working properly

Platform, device version and operating system:
Android, iPad, Steam

For the last couple of hours, I’ve experienced long delays trying to contact the servers at random stages of the game, including: start of battle, end of battle, claiming tribute, accessing Pet Rescue, returning to battle after chaning Pet Rescue team…

It’s inconsistent, but the delay can be as long as two to three minutes. None of the normal remedies seem to make any difference. I’m on the Sunshine Coast.

Speedtest tells me I have no problems, and no other aspect of Internet access seems to be affected – just GoW.


Haha an always bug. I think its working as intended unfortunately

Once again, the servers are pooping themselves.
As usual these days…

Actually, couldn’t even log in properly today (and yesterday), got error both times.

It’s 2022, why does this game have the internet speed of 2002?

Devs, for the love of baby Jesus, play your game so you can see how ridiculous this is!

Ever since @Saltypatra stopped streaming the game. The servers get worse every week.
This has to be the result of cost cutting measures that only hurt the players while you continue to ask for more money from every update.


When I try to start up the game…
Every single day.

Then eventually it does start up, and… I’m faced with the usual endless lag (spinning circles everywhere).

At this point, it feels like they don’t care any more.


Sounds like I’m actually having far fewer problems than most other players. That is incredibly disturbing.

The fact there’s been no response, either, is also a “very bad thing.”

As pointed out, the game is more monetised than ever before, so there’s no excuse at all for cutting servers or being understaffed.

What am I missing, @Kafka ?


Guild chat this morning


Just because something is “working as intended” does not mean it isn’t a bug.

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