💎 Servers are down, Our guild is UP and moving

:gem_red: Apollo and Artemis is climbing the ranks with mostly +1000 level players.

:gem_green: @ 1000 level or close to it?

:gem_blue: Reply here and let’s talk about how soon we can get you into power level status.

:gem_purple:Just starting out? We still have a place for you to work up to power level.

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:gem_yellow: The king fell down
:gem_brown: broke his crown
:gem_skull: got a BUMP on the head,
:gem: but he ain’t dead!

Just starting out… like JUST starting out but having a good time with it so far. Got any room for a dork like me?

LeacherCreature, our higher overall/ lower guild war rank guild would be a better fit for your indicated level and troop quantity. That guild currently is full, as Asuna stated on the other guild forum post.

We will contact when a spot comes open. In the mean time get more than a bakers dozen troops, more levels,and level up kingdoms while you are waiting.

Oh snap I didn’t realize this post was related to the one I replied to earlier! I’ll be patient and stop blowin up ur forum.