💎 Rank 60 Guild - Looking for some players to tip the balance towards contributions in our guild

:gem_doomskull: We are looking for some players who can contribute gold towards task on day one.

:gem_skull: 1500 seals/ 500k gold contributions/ 150 trophies/ event participation/ daily guild chat communication is our Req’s.

:gem_red: With our latest endeavor we brought in a abnormal amount of developmental players.

:gem_green: Due to this our contribution amounts have started declining.

:gem_blue: If more people are drawing from then putting in then it’s hard to progress.

:gem_brown: Once our developmental players get over the hump and our contributions go up we will give you the chance to go to our more demanding / equally more rewarding parent guild.

:gem_yellow: The end goal is to have Ares complete all task, but take a little bit longer to get to the “Lego” stage then Apollo.

:gem_purple: If you are low level and are not close to having kingdoms at 10 please refrain from replying. We won’t be able to adequately help you. Our time allowance for individual assistance is at it’s current limit.

:gem: If all this is as confusing as I hope it’s not then give me a reply or message to Wyoming Pixel or Kansas Pixel and I can hopefully explain it better.