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Looking for you!

Rank 81 Of Ares and Athena is looking for the perfect fit to give us 30 of 30 for our guild. We don’t have requirements. We feel as though people who want to see the guild get stronger, want to help others and want to avoid drama do not need to have requirements. It doesn’t take long to realize who is going to contribute and who is not. We also don’t care what level you are. Being 1000+ level does not make good deodorant. I have seen sub 500 levels outshine 1000+ many times. We would like for you to have all kingdoms at 10 but not required. Progress will be monitored either way. If you want to be considered send me an Xbox live message at Wyoming Pixel or reply here. Thanks for reading, and have a gem good day!

To update. Yesterday, an awesome player messaged me through Xbox live at Wyoming Pixel and now they are a valuable member of our guild. Today is no free ride Friday so we will have at least 1 opening. Message me here or XBOX live and it could be yours!