💎 Rank 18 Guild Wars, Apollo and Artemis, needs dedicated players

No Free Ride Friday in effect.
We have no requirements but we expect consistent contributions.
Contributions come in the form of gold, trophies, seals, event/ guild wars participation.
If you want to be in a guild that gets legendary task done, 40,000 seals, moves up in Rank / Guild Wars, and has no drama then you will want to do as much as you can to better yourself.
When you better yourself as a member of a guild you better the guild.
Rank is a good indicator of past performance but not a deciding factor in being a member.
1000+ level does not mask the stink of laziness.

Any member not having all kingdoms at 10 will not donate any gold to task.
All gold earned should go to leveling kingdoms.
You won’t need to spend gold on keys/chest since you will get so many from legendary task rewards.

Progress on kingdoms will be monitored. Constant progression on kingdoms will be expected.

If you would like to be considered send a message to Wyoming Pixel gamertag, reply to this message, or ask for an Of Ares and Athena member in global.
We never spam invites so if you want to be a member you will have to make an effort.

@D_Houzz @Asuna_Scarlette @Sir_Stabs


Of Ares and Athenian here… *Rank 77. (Sorry everyone! We just can’t keep up with how fast we’re climbing the ranks!) :rofl::wink:

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Thanks guild mate! Eventually we will be higher rank than guild war bracket, hahahaha.

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I’m interested. Level 1100ish and can donate around 750k per week no problem. I’m mainly looking for a laid back atmosphere while still getting a few LTs and 40k seals occasionally. I wouldn’t be able to join till the end of the week because I want to finish GW with my current guild. Let me know if you’ve still got space.


You found just what you are looking for with us. No requirements, yet we still expect contributions! Announce any upcoming absence, do your fair share, have fun, and we will rise to the top together!

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:wink: using an emoji just for the badge.

Stab! Pix found you through here, huh?! We’re so happy you’ve found a place with us and are thriving as we continue to climb the ranks (rather quickly, too!)

Bumping this post, as we do have 1 opening and would like to bring somebody on board before Guild Wars. We have already completed all Guild Tasks (Monday), are now working on 8th Legendary Task (Tuesday), and fully anticipate completing the Invasion event before Guild Wars next week.

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Bumping the post cause it still is what we are needing. I edited the 77 to 63 cause that’s how awesome our guild members are.

Speed bump up ahead!