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High Rank recruiting

We have space in our guild, min requirements is guild wars, 300,000 coins, 100T and seals

Xbox by the way!

I am in search of a guild that is in the top 50, I play every day, and I will do all the weekly obligations
Xbox one. GT: cap jaiminho

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We are about to take rank 70. We have no requirements but allow no free rides, Interested?

just one more question. Does the guild complete all tasks? up to 1,000,000? yes yes I would like to enter
is for Xbox One right?

We get all task done on Mondays. We are on legendary #4 or #5 already. We almost got portal 10 closed in the last event. We were down 1 heavy hitter. Yes this is an Xbox Of Ares and Athena clan.
You joining us would give us 30 of 30 guild members.
@D_HOUZZ can you see this message?

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I am very happy to be part of such a dedicated and competitive team.

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We are happy to have you here. We will help you set up your guild wars teams for next week.