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Currently my guild has 4 openings with more opening up from time to time.

I am working on switching out inactive players for new more active members.

We are a casual guild rank #215
Champion rank all synergy bonuses at 9-10

Feel free to join us!


Looking for a new guild. I’m a level 300+ and would like a team that completes seals/tasks. Anyone like that recruiting?

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I am lv 385 trying to join 1st guild. I have one of my own but need to get in one or invite folks to mine. No idea where to start

I would like to join an active guild. I try to play some every day.

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Of Ares and Athena is a rank 73 guild that is looking for a player with all kingdoms leveled to 10, max seals by Friday, does Guild Wars, earns some trophies, donates a fair share of gold, announces planned absence, participates in weekly events, is a team player, and drama free.

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Hey, im on every day and looking for players to join my guild

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I recently started back up on the X1. My current guild of 30 only has 3 active players. I’m looking for any active guild that play competitively and is serious about getting achievements. I’m nearly level 300 and currently working on powering up my kingdoms to level 10. I play PVP every day and shoot for number most weeks. Please if you’re interested let me know ASAP.

Hey Duke, send me a message on live @ tedforever. This guild has disbanded.

Hello fellow GoW lovers,

I have created a guild on Xbox One and would love to acquire some new members. Weekly requirements are very reasonable…

Gold: $25,000
Seals: 200
Trophies: 25

Guild Name: Valor Inc.

Hope to see you there!