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Currently my guild has 4 openings with more opening up from time to time.

I am working on switching out inactive players for new more active members.

We are a casual guild rank #215
Champion rank all synergy bonuses at 9-10

Feel free to join us!



Looking for a new guild. I’m a level 300+ and would like a team that completes seals/tasks. Anyone like that recruiting?


I am lv 385 trying to join 1st guild. I have one of my own but need to get in one or invite folks to mine. No idea where to start


I would like to join an active guild. I try to play some every day.


Of Ares and Athena is a rank 73 guild that is looking for a player with all kingdoms leveled to 10, max seals by Friday, does Guild Wars, earns some trophies, donates a fair share of gold, announces planned absence, participates in weekly events, is a team player, and drama free.


Hey, im on every day and looking for players to join my guild