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Bad ass guild (The Alliance) actually has openings

The Alliance rarely have openings here, because we are a family. We are ranked 2 in stats and 7th in trophies. We always been a top 3 guild, tier 1 for GW since day one. However, we sacrificed our rank to top 6 when we picked up a terminally ill cancer player, which we exempted him of all reqs 6 months ago. Recently, he was too sick and dropped out with his 2 buddies, giving us 3 openings. Our reqs focus on what’s important, not grinding useless trophies. We donate 600k gold min per week, max guild to 40k seals, and play all 3 game modes. We don’t care if you do well in GW, but we have sooo many good ideas to make it easy for players to be able to hang in tier 1. Furthermore, all 27 players here are over lvl 1050. We don’t have a leader, just players who vote on what our reqs should be. Message anyone from The Alliance if you are interested and can handle the reqs. Remember, this is a game, not a job.

If anyone wants to pay respects or say prayers for our friend, send me a message and I will share you his gamertag.

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What tiers for the invasions/raids do you expect players to buy into? I’m lvl 1070 and usually only buy the first 3 tier’s for each event so I do good some weeks…others not so well. I can do 600k no problem. I’m at 1.1m in my current guild.

Hey @thmmaster, I just wanted to chime in and say 1) I’m so sorry for your guild/family’s loss of a friend and member – our guild is incredibly close as well and this would be a sad situation for those of us who have really built a community in our guilds. 2) It sounds like you have a very respectable guild structure and setup. One that isn’t easy to maintain without the right balance of people and maturity levels.

Unfortunately, I’m not looking to leave the guild I’m in that’s become a bit of an online family, but from one Xbox Guild Admin to another Xbox Guild community, condolences on behalf of all Of Ares And Athena members and I hope you’re able to find the kind of quality players a guild with a true democracy governing structure requires.

  • Derek (aka Aurora Borealis, Of Ares And Athena)
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We finished discussing it a few days ago and debating either tier 2 or 3. The goal is to save gems, but to collect every portal. One of our guild mates is calculating how many points needed. For GW, the only suggested requirement is magic to level 4 (35 gems) I personally do attack to 4, life, armor to 3, and magic to 5. If you do decide to join, please join our discord page. Recently, we do more chatting on discord and less in guild chat. I don’t mind going beyond the requirements. You will see me donate 1 mil every Monday, seals maxed at 1500 by Wed. Eats in our guild has a brain tumor, so if she doesn’t hit her gold requirement, some of the players chip in and help her out. She usually buys keys to get her seal count up. Her husband was one of the developers of Gear of War. If you go on vacation, let the new leader know. We don’t ever kick any players from here. Because of my daughter and work, I had to step down from Guild leader and passed it to Pioter, a funny German dude. The attitude has always been a guild is a group of players who hang out, set goals, and accomplish those similar goals together while having a good time. The 2 new game modes are boring, but we still do them.

Thank you. In the xbox community, Thieves of Guild has always been the #1 guild. But we were always the underdogs who didn’t try and almost beat them so many weeks in a row. When I accidentally became the leader (long funny story), I let the guild know that this wasn’t my guild. I have 1 power over the other players, which is kicking, which I never do without a vote of 21 or higher. Everybody wanted to join us, because our reqs made sense (no trophies, just gold, seals, and play the modes). I taught them what I thought made sense and they loved it, changed some stuff around, and we kept it the same ever since. I started to help multiple guilds. Then one day, somebody invited Alp, a German guy, which we knew nothing about. He was barely playing, which we couldn’t have in a top guild. Then one of his friends told me he had terminal cancer. I pushed to keep him here, which most of the guild agreed. This sacrificed our GW score and we dropped from top 3 to top 6. We lost some hungry players in the process. We always had a family mentality over competition. Its just when players do stuff together and hang out, they prosper, so we always had good players here. Alp was exempt from reqs and whenever he was gone for 1 to 2 weeks in the hospital, we always had prayers for him. After 6-8 months, he was too sick to play anymore. His friend left as well. A third player had to take care of her Father and left. She will step in if we don’t find a replacement for her, which is why we have 3 spots. Again, thanks for reply. I hope my message teaches players to be more respectful to each other. The crazy thing is as soon as I let the other top guild leaders about my situation, we all stepped down and passed the torch to more hungry players. (3 of the guild leaders stepped down)


I left message on forums yesterday. Just in case, you didn’t read it, tier 2 or tier 3 is what we are voting on.

I’m a level 1010 player who is ready to contribute both clan wise and personality wise. Let me know if you are interested and I’ll help battle with you all everyday!

sure, we have 2 openings. Our friend, Cat, is helping out with GW this week, but she wants to be replaced. Her Father is sick and she needs to drop out. She will be doing GW this week, help with seals max to 40k

I’m down. Shoot me an invite if you like and I’ll be a great asset for the team. Let me know if you need the invite code or can see it on my profile. Also, if you have any other questions I can answer those as well.

T Bronx 6g_YFTQ

sure, I went to send you an inv, but is says you are in a guild already. Let me know when you want to join us and I will send it again

Ok, no problem. I will be available to join in 30 minutes. I first want to tell the guild I am in goodbye first as they have been nothing but great people and teammates. I am just ready for the next level with my drive and amount I play compared to them.

Ok I am available now. Looking forward to it.

Just got back from volunteer work, I see you joined. Just a heads up, hc max and Cat are planning to leave. Cat has to take care of her Father and wants to drop out for now and hc got a new job and will only stay for 2 more weeks. That gives us 2 more openings. We have another players, Eats, who is dealing with health issues, so sometimes she doesn’t make our gold reqs. We have a few players willing to cover for her. She helps with seals by buying keys for everyone. Otherwise, this guild is run by us, not a leader. His job is to kick players only by vote and to recruit players.

Well deserved BUMP for an outstanding guild. Good luck.