The Alliance has one open spot now and one in the future

The alliance is run by the players, not the leader. We agreed that requirements should not be forced but wanted by the players. So we set up a vote, which needs 20/30 to pass. This also includes for kicking players, which we never had to do. Our guild requirements are 600k gold per week, help us max seals to 40k, and finish all 30 Guild War battles before the week is done. We don’t care about trophies or Guild War score. Saying that, we are currently ranked 5 highest on trophies and hit 2nd place 4 weeks in a row in Guild Wars. We have a club and FB page, in which we share strategies for those players who care about getting high scores. Currently, we have 1 spot open. Also, in a month or two, one of our members will be leaving because of work, so we will have another future opening. Our guild rarely losses players, so I help recruitment with other friendly guilds as well. My gamertag is thmmaster and I am the current GM. Ask me or any of our guild mates for an invite providing you can handle the reqs. Thank you.