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Badass guild back to pick up some more badass players

Bring a towel before joining us, very filthy here. The Alliance is a top xbox guild, very well respected by all the other top guilds, because of our philosophy. The guild is run by the players, not me. We voted on all our reqs, because we want them, not forced on us. They are 600k gold and help guild hit 40k seals per week and play all 30 GW battles before week is done. We don’t kick players here and if a player wants to leave, they respectfully finish GW and leave by Sunday. We almost always come in 2nd place in GW (1000 gems) and almost took first place a few times. We had a very long wait list over the past few months, but that depleted after this new update (and destiny 2) Over the past month, the 5 players who quit because of Destiny play with me in my clan (friends forever) The GM’s from the top guilds and I get in party chats during our battles with each other and talk lots of trash (we usually win haha) So if you want that open spot this week or a future spot on our waiting list, message my gamertag, thmmaster or message us in global chat about joining. By the way, don’t break things, not cool.

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