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The Alliance (rank 15) is recruiting

We have the following reqs (you will not get kicked for doing stated reqs; it is not required to go above. What is required is that if you can’t meet them for some reason–work, vacation, etc–you must let me/us know):

prefer level 1000+ (will accept lower as long as reqs are met)
1.25 million gold
1500 seals
300 trophies
125 towers
35 dooms
10k boss damage
guild war: magic sentinel to IV (br1/br2…no min score…do all battles and follow gw rules: 24 unique troops on defense and only color-of-the-day troops on offense)

ALL events are completed as are ALL tasks. While we do use guild chat, we also use discord for discussion, team builds, pet notifications, etc. It is recommended (not required if you provide your Xbox GT) as we need a way to communicate with you outside of in-game guild chat. If you can meet these reqs, please pm me. This is a no-drama no-leech guild.