Rank 92 (now 85, we are trying to catch Sonic&Knuckles, Rank 82 and yes we caught and passed Sonic&Knuckles.) Of Ares and Athena guild looking for some “gods of war”


We had a couple of 1000+ level players decide to leave our guild. We are currently 28 of 30 players. We would prefer to have some replacement 1000+ levels join but would be willing to accept someone lower leveled, as long as kingdoms are all at 10 and the player can contribute right away. We don’t want developmental players using gold for anything but leveling kingdoms. Add Wyoming Pixel gamer tag and send a message or reply here if you are interested. Or if you have any questions just ask. We do not have any requirements, but we do ask that you read and accept what is expected of a player. We have an Xbox club to post guild expectations, team builds, screenshots, game glitches, awesome chest finds, or whatever.


Love the name of your guild! Good luck guys


We are currently full. Don’t hesitate to inquire about joining. In the event we have someone who is no longer a God of War we may assist them to another location. So we don’t “need” anyone. We have a no free ride Friday so in the event of an opening we will fill with the best waiting players that have shown an interest in joining.


No Free Ride Friday in effect so we have some spots open.


SPARK_H3GX is my invite code … i am level 252 now … last 3 kingdoms close to lvl 10, should be done next week … i will contribute right away


We do not want anyone donating gold that still has kingdoms to level up. I will pass on your info to the GM.


Can you double check your invite code? Site says that code does not exist.