:gem_skull: I can recruit so this IS a recruiting post now

I am just letting everyone know that we have 2 Guilds to fill vacancies in. Ares and Athena and Artemis and Apollo. We took our completely maxed out guild, our waiting list members and the extra members from the newly acquired guild and then divided the total up amongst our 2 guilds.

Have a buddy you would like to bring with you? Afraid no one will take you both cause one of you is a high level and the other isn’t? We can take you both and put each of you in separate guilds. We all share a rotating Global channel so you can chat with your buddy, spouse, +1, friend, relative, neighbor kid, or whomever just as if you were in Global 001. Only things is with no drama.

Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t their at least 4 kinds of gems players?

  1. The hardcore, Max seals earning, All kingdoms at least 5 stars or higher, 1 million+ donating, 50k+ Guild Wars scoring, Tier 3+ event participating, Top 100 PvP leaderboard, 1000+ level player.

  2. Max seal getting, All kingdoms at level 10, 250k gold donating, 30/0 or so Guild Wars score getting, Event participating, gems player.

  3. Guild seal getting, alternate account creating, getting kingdoms to 10, trying to do the best you can with limited troops, using all earned gold to level kingdoms, daily event completing, key hoarding, help a fellow guild mate out, occasionally playing, communicating gems player.

  4. Constant global chatting, rarely playing, drama filled, problem starting, insulting, abusive, soon to be banned from global chat, owner of a gems game person.

We have a place for all 1) 2) and/ or 3)'s of you drama free players out in gems land. 4)'s don’t need a guild. If your a 4 delete the game and bug other people. You might even be a combo of 1) 2) and/ or 3). Give us a chance to find you a place in one of our guilds.


Well, since you asked to be corrected… I think you’re missing a few types of players. Where are the “not max seals getting” players? The casuals, who play a bit when they feel like it? Because they definitely exist and they don’t always fall under your 4).

Good luck with your guild and happy recruiting! :slight_smile:


I guess those would be in group 3). Can’t expect people who are away from the game for real life to get max or any seals, huh? Good point!
I edited 3) since people leveling kingdoms may just want to earn maximum gold. Some may just want to do treasure maps. 3) would be a low demand, don’t complain about others stats type of a guild.

Does editing a post “bump” it? Or does asking about bumping bump a post?

Pretty sure replying to ask about bumping bumps the post. Bump. Just in case, bump.

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Speed bump ahead!