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Couldn't stay away for long - want back in to (extremely decent) guild

Will be going hard from Monday to catch-up so form an orderly queue… :sunglasses:

(preferably not one that’s full of mouthy arsehats) :joy:


:gem: I would like to think we have a decent guild of Drama free players.

:gem_red: All task done early Monday morning.

:gem_green: 40k seals done each week.

:gem_blue: Raid boss (on Portal 9 last night),
:gem_blue: Invasion, Don’t remember the exact portal but pretty sure we closed the last one.
:gem_blue: Guild Wars,about 1,500,000 points last GW.

:gem_purple: Have one spot open if you want it.

:gem_yellow: Members not at 1000+ average 845.4 at last count.

:gem_brown: Thanks for considering Apollo and Artemis.

:gem_doomskull: @Asuna_Scarlette @Sir_Stabs @CanyonSurfer

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Saw you on global tuesday but missed you my guild s ranked 9 and very active we are with almost all over lvl 1000 are in bracket two atm finish all events do 25+ tasks and still aimee to improve Hope you like it and join the awesome bunch greets Thunder

We’d love to have you in Apollo and Artemis Donut. We’re serious about the game, social, and get it done every week. We’re gunning for the top, so if you’re down for the climb, we’ve got room for another top-tier player.

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Best of luck with ur decision.
~teddy, HG

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:gem: Invite sent :gem: Welcome to Apollo and Artemis! :gem_doomskull:

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