High level daily player looking for guild - Guild Found

So I returned home from a family holiday to find my guild had disbanded, while unfortunate for me it may be lucky for you.

I am level 1171, VIP 6 and play daily, I can contribute 800k-1M+ gold, 1500 seals, min 200 trophies during raid/invasion weeks, considerably more during GW weeks. I take part in all guild events, buy up to tier 3 during raid/invasion and normally hit 45-50k GW score depending on bracket.

Looking to join a guild that hits 40k seals every week and also completes all guild tasks plus legendaries. Also would like not to be forced to upgrade GW sentinels as I’d rather use resources elsewhere (looking at you VIP chests).

If I sound like a good fit for your guild then please get in touch here or over xbox live, my gt is the same as here. I do stream GoW so if you wish to see first hand what type of player I am then join me on one of my streams.


I have a place for you, mate. We do 40K, all tasks, and a couple LTs. Only requirement is 1,500 seals each week. All Guild Events are optional, but we do about 1.0 to 1.1 Mill in GW, get Stage/Portal 7 to 9 on Raids and Invasions. So, if you want to come, we’d love to have you.

We are rank 32 and complete all guild events, get 40 k seals and multiple LT’s weekly. Let me know if you are interested

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I would like to thank all the GM’s that have gotten in touch and offered spots within their guilds, I will consider all offers and make a decision by the weekend

Once again, thank you


Let me throw Intrim II’s hat in the pool. Go get em with the best of the think tank, 500k, 1500s, 300tr. LT’s, all benefits of being at the top, Bracket 1 with that non-stressed feel.

Hey Smithy - Aurora Borealis here from our old guild. :frowning: I was so sad to think of you coming back from holiday only to have the old guilds disbanded. But moving on from that, I’m in a great place that I actually really think fits your play-style. SNOWFROGS, ranked 31, we complete all guild events, all tasks on Monday, seals hit wednesday, and are very trophy-focused right now because we’re so close to breaking into top 25. GW has everyone participating, but like with our former home, we’re bracket 36, will be 33 next cycle, so it’s super easy and we win by 10x points every time, so have time to get the mythics we’d like, and no need for sentinals at this point.

Plus, I really like the folks who make up the “Frog Pond.” A lot of guilds reached out to each of us ‘end-gamers’ when the disbanding suddenly happened, and SNOWFROGS just felt right. So here I am. Leader really empathizes with our situation and can make room for up to two more of us at this point. Let me know!

  • Derek (AB, formerly of Apollo & Artemis)

Gem Assassins have an open spot if you have not found a guild yet.

Thanks for all the offers from the various GM’s, I have now found a new guild :grin: look forward to battling you all as a member of Beauty & the Beasts

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