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Lvl 657 looking for guild

Hey everyone, I’m looking for a guild to join. Message me for anymore information.


Hey how’s it going? We are level 250 and quickly rising. We always do 40k seals and max tasks. We are currently full but always looking to upgrade to more active members. Can you tell me what numbers you regularly put up weekly?

I can usually hit around 150k gold, 1500 seals, 100-150t. I usually save most gold for guild wars weeks though.

If you can commit to hitting those numbers every week we have a place for you. give me an hour or two if you can so I can get in touch with the guild master if that’s cool with you.

That works for me. No rush at all.

Guild master will be on in an hour or so, I will message you and get your invite code then. Thanks! Looking forward to having you!

Ok what’s your code.

Logging off for tonight, I will check back later. Hope you have a great evening.

My code is BOBBY_57

Sent it! Looking forward to having you! 150K gold 1500 seals and 100-150 trophies is what I told the guild master you will be able to do regularly. Just let someone know through guild chat or you can message me if you are ever going to be away or can’t play for a few. Welcome my friend!

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Sounds good. Thanks for having me over board. Look forward to helping the guild out!


One spot open for a daily player. 100% active guild with very active members, if you are tired of carrying an inactive guild come aboard and prosper!