Xbox One, 2 seeking guild

Hi everyone!

My father and I are both very active and are seeking a new guild. The one we are in fluctuates in member count wildly so we may or may not reach the seal goals. :frowning: We both play daily for an hour or more. We get 1500 seals and donate money to the cause. He sits at level 233 and I’m about 133. We also actively play in the guild wars. I would really love to know if any very active guilds are currently recruiting for two active players!

I have some room in my guild. It’s called Shadowed Warriors, we rank 111 and climbing. We get our tasks nearly complete and average around 30k seals a week together. Most of of play guild wars. It’s a laid back guild so it’s a do as you can kind of vibe. Chat active as well. Let me know if you’re interested

Do you have room for two? If you guys meet 30k in seals on a regular basis that would be awesome!

My guild is in the 270’s. We have room for two people, and we would be able to hit 10k seals consistently if you were to join us. It’s a laid back guild but for the most part we do a decent job at donations/guild wars. Let me know if you want to join.

We do. We took a small break this week as a couple had a vacation and someone’s father fell ill so we decided to ease up a bit but I’m sure next week will be business as usual. Even just a few weeks ago we came real close to 40k seals. I’m hoping to put together the best team I can. If you guys want in and can contribute a good amount, send me your invite codes and I will make it happen!

My newbie advice.
Join the most active guild you can. Smartest thing you did was ask here in forums.

Well the one we did join was active me and my dad brought their memebers up to thirty but over the past few weeks it has just been decreasing and we aren’t getting the rewards we would like. I’ve been stalking around the forums and reading for a while. This encouraged me to make an account and ask.