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Shadowed warriors are recruiting active players

We are a laid back guild in the sense there are no set requirements to be a part of the team. However, you must contribute something. Gold and trophies are a must. We get well over 30k seals each week and we climb quickly in the ranks with trophies. I’m looking for very active players who can contribute and help us get stronger. We currently rank 130 and we get near close to finishing every task. Guild wars should be a must. Those numbers continue to rise for us as well. There are a few spots available so with your help, we could max everything out and be a serious contender. Anyone lookin for info, reply here or private message me!

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I’m not the highest level but I can defiantly get max seals and lots of gold and trophies for the guild how do I find your guild to join it?

Send me your invite code and I will invite you. I’m not worried about what level you are. I like results! Haha

Actually I checked out your profile and got your code. I’ll be home in a few hours and I’ll send you an invite. Just make sure you aren’t in a current guild or else the invite won’t go through

I currently just joined a random guild so I could stalk up on guild tasks and I’ll claim them all once I join your guild hopefully it’s works that way

I’m not sure what you mean…we already started our tasks and are about halfway through them all. If you contribute, we will be doing more so you’ll get some of the tasks but whatever you’ve already done, you’ll keep. Once the new week starts, you will get everything we do. I’ll be home in an hour and a half. I can send you an invite then

I was referring to my seals tasks I have about 300 worth of task completed at the moment that I have not claimed yet. An I’m leaving for work right now but I’ll except the invite in the morning at 8 thanks bro I’m excited to finally have a real guild

I believe they should carry over. Sounds good man. We’ll take care of it. Welcome aboard!

I tried to accept the invite and it brought me to the search for a guild screen could you try one more time

That’s weird. Yeah, I’ll have my second in command send out the invite. I’m at work right now but she’s off today so I’ll ask her to send it

Hello. We are with a guild that doesn’t participate as much as we do. Active daily players. Finish tasks, participate in wars everyday. We are looking to join a guild that fits us. Could you contact us please

We are at level 771

Sure…we rank 130. We get better at finishing all tasks. I do have a couple spots I can fill. How many of you would like to join? It’s a laid back guild so just do what you can as long as you do something. We are gettin pretty good

I’m just getting home and I’ll be in for the rest of the night. Boring cause it’s friday…lol. However many want to join, send me some codes and I’ll send you an invite. Just make sure you leave your current guild. Lookin forward to getting more active players. Only 2 of our warriors haven’t put any gold in but they might be busy this week, who knows. But generally, we all contribute

There is only the only. I say we because it is myself and my husband lol

Haha…I gotcha. I’m on right now if you want to send me your invite code. We’ll get ya set up!

FAIRMERCURY252_N2AB is my id

Caught me just in time! I’ll send you an invite in just a moment before I head off to bed. Welcome aboard!

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