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Very active guild is recruiting! 2 spots open!

Shadowed warriors is recruiting. We are a very active guild looking to fill in a couple spots with those who are active. No real guild requirements except to make sure you get trophies and contribute gold. We rank 124th and guild wars must be done as well. We are still climbing quickly in those ranks as well. We just completed 2 tasks last week so my hope is that whoever I can recruit can help us continue to complete tasks. Message me if you want to know more or join!

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I would love to join.
Currently rank 120, atleast 200k+ gold and daily guild wars.
Only started the game 18 days ago so im still learning, but i will grind until i have all the achievements so im in for the long run.

Invite Code: VILLARIA_QJF5

You can contribute 200k in gold every week? I just want to make sure that’s what you’re telling me. Haha

Yea thats what i meant haha, i did it the last two weeks for the guild i was in.

If you can do 200k every week in gold and bring home a respectable amount of trophies and seals, you got yourself a deal. We’re a laid back guild. There are no requirements but ya gotta do somethin. Sounds like you would be a great fit for this team. I’ll send over an invite in about 30 minutes. I’ll be back on then. Welcome to the warriors!

Thank you, will do my best

Oh and make sure you’re out of your current guild or else the invite won’t go through ok? See ya in a bit

Invite sent

Everything worked! Thank you

You’re welcome and once again, welcome to the warriors!