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Active guild! Come complete tasks and level up!

Shadowed Warriors are looking for a few active players. Current rank is 96 and guild wars has us in bracket 5. Doing good but we need an extra push to really get us to the top! Be a warrior! We are very active and play daily. No requirements so do what you can. You will see for yourselves what we all are capable of! It’s about teamwork and the chat always has something to say. Especially tips and ideas

Hey please add me !!! I play on xbox one my tag is AY4569_ACAL

I need to quit my current guild but I will join you !!! I need an active guide

Excellent. I can add you when I get home from work in about 6 hours. Make sure you’re out of your current guild by then and I will send you an invite!

Hey give me until about 5:00 east US time to get out of my guild. THANKS !!!

I’m east coast too. I’ll be home at 5…lol

Cool thanks man !

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Hey sorry I left the guild you guys are way above my level and I’m not getting the lower level benefits !!! I could not contribute much thanks for the invite though! !!

What do you mean not getting the lower level benefits?

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Maybe I’m being a noob. When I was in other guilds - there were many tasks I could contribute to. An example: 10,000 gold for X gems or gold keys etc. I guess thats what I mean about low level rewards.

I’ve tried and looked everywhere to see what the “shards” were under the tasks. 500 shards??? What do I use that for???

Also I feel bad because there is no way in hell I can contribute 200,000 gold to complete a task. I’m only level 60? or so

If you think I can help then I will rejoin the guild - but I’m not sure how much help I can be :confused:

Haha…noob. Haven’t heard that word in a while. I’ll tell ya what, is it possible you could contribute 50k in gold? The tasks are a team effort. Yes, it takes a lot to contribute and when you get to the last level of a task, it costs 750k. But it’s a team effort and because it’s friday, you already missed out on the early week rewards. Usually on Monday, each task is already half complete. Blue gets a lot of attention cause I think most of the team likes the gems to buy chests with. And the shards are there for the soulforge. The soulforge is a place you can go to make a specific troop or specific weapon or trait stones. You can make diamonds and other gems as well and that’s what the shards are for. It sounds like a lot, but it all comes together nicely and you pick up on it quick. Same with guild wars and even though I’m the guild master, I have yet to really figure out how to do guild wars and to set up defenses.
It’s a team effort. A lot of us talk on the chat and everyone is helpful. I don’t ask for any specific requirements to be a part of the guild except to make sure you contribute. If you feel you still can’t be helpful, that’s ok. Maybe once you get leveled up more, we can do something

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THanks for the explanation. I have not even seen the soulforge yet. Hahahah - No way I can contribute 50 K. I dont get close to that. I’m fairly low level. If you still think I can help - let me know. Realistically I could probably contribute 10-20 K?? Maybe I’m trying to focus on leveling up my kingdoms.

If thats cool - I will join again. Let me know, and you can invite me again

I thought reading the title your Guild name was “Active Guild”! Made me laugh knowing how many dead new are out there. Anyhow best of luck with the Guild.

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I’ll tell ya what, join again, give it a week or 2 because you’ll get a lot of chests to open and everything. If you can get 20-25k to start, we will go from there. That good?

Alright man - let me leave the guild I’m in when I get home today. I’ll rejoin you guys !!!


Can we do a guild war next week? I’m trying to get all the achievements

I register us every week for guild wars. All ya have to do is play!


I’m looking for a more active xbox one guild myself… If you still have any openings please let me know and I will leave my current guild this afternoon.

I can usually contribute 1500 seals and 150k+ gold, with occasional pushes for more if needed. Level 323.

Invite code: GEMMY_HBHJ

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Absolutely! Got one spot left. Let me know what your code is and I’ll invite you when I get home. Which will be a little after 5 east coast time

Actually, scratch that, just noticed you left your code already. Lmao…blonde moment today. Shadowed Warriors. That’s the name of the guild when you get the invite

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Excellent, thank you, will be out of my current guild by then and looking forward to it!


I am definitely down. New, but doing pretty well. Just left a guild that wasn’t doing tasks. Rank 1 in PVP.

My invite code is FENRIS_WOLFFE_T1PT.

Please let me know. I will be waiting. IMG_3080

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