2 new active players looking for active guild

My girlfriend and I have started playing this game and we highly enjoy it. We are currently in a Guild that’s level 38 and rank 610. The only problem is, her and I are the only ones in the Guild who have maxed seals already. Plus it’s only 17/30. I’m only a level 70 and my girlfriend is a 66, but we play everyday and want to be part of an active guild to maximize the seal chest and guild rewards. Thank you for your time.

You’re more than welcome to join ‘Name not Available’. me and my friend play this game way too much so we always get max seals as well. Our rank is in the 2800s so it is a downgrade if that matters to you.

What level are your statues? I kind of don’t want to down grade with the statues. They seem a lot of work… lol

From left to right: 6, 7, 5, 5, 6, 5. They don’t take much to upgrade. It’s just longer with only 2 people.

Better off just joining the Guild I am in. Lol. I think the lowest level is 15. Highest is 18, I believe.

I recently took over TURUTISM. We are LVL 69 Elite II. I did major house cleaning of inactive members & have a bunch of spots open. No requirements other than staying active.

Your more than welcome to join a ranked 159 guild with all statues at 33+. We have room for active members with no requirements.
We are in the process of removing inactive players which most of them are friends of mine and have completed the game. I’m not the guild master but I am able to invite new members
If your interested in joining my guild Pm me.

Crimson Sky is Recruiting…rank 25 and climbing fast…friendly and competitive community

Thanks everyone for the response. My gf made her decision, lol.

We are all friends and all active. If you wont join us we have Space For you and your girlfriend . Gamertag immolatore send me a mess in xbox . We are nit the best but we have fun