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New Active Player Looking for Guild (Offering Max Seals) - XB1

Edit: Joined Odessa’s guild. Thanks!

Hello there. I’m a new, casually competitive player that just passed level 200. I joined a random guild and am the only one that seems to be active, so looking for something that gives me a little more benefit. Playing on Xbox One under GT: PainIsGod and code PAINISGOD_2TF6

I’m easily hitting 1,500 seals each week and putting up 100+ trophies. As a new player, still figuring out what to best spend my time on. I wouldn’t be able to do much gold contributions as I’m still spending all my gold leveling up my kingdoms. I do as best I can in the daily/weekly events, but with a limited roster I don’t always have a good competitive team for each situation. Rest assured, I do what I can as I want to play the different modes and build my collection.

Looking forward to getting in to something new soon, just let me know what you need from me. Thanks!

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If you still need one by tonight I can invite you to mine. Casual guild, trying to find more active players interested in the game beyond achievements. Currently hitting the 20k mark in seals and level 7 in tasks. No requirement beyond participation in what you are able and grabbing seals when you are on. If you’re still leveling kingdoms there’s no gold expectation. After that it’s whatever you can donate.

My gamertag is xXOdessaXx

u can join mine are rquirements are 500k gold 1500 seals play guild wars and if u don’t have all of your kingdoms to level 10 no worries were ranked 266 if interested contact jujubean323 or shizinby

Joined Odessa’s guild. Glad I found something so quickly! Looking forward to having a little more active group to play with.

android’s group wouldn’t have worked out well. I won’t be able to come near a 500k gold contribution yet. Still need to level quite a few Kingdoms.

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