New Keen Player seeking active Mid Tier Guild

Hi guys, have been playing the game for a couple of weeks now, just shy of Lvl 70. Joined a guild, capped out the seals within 4 days, dropped 60 k plus on guild tasks and racked up 170 trophies hung in there for a week or so but unfortunately I was the only one making any contributions.
Consequently am looking to join active, informative, fun guild on Xbox One.
Confident I can hit guild seal cap every week ( even when back at work next week ). Not sure of full gold generation ability yet as I am still building up kingdoms { have unlocked around 85% of kingdoms and slowly raising at least one a week to Lvl 10.
Anyway if you think my Level and commitment seem well suited to your guild requirements please post me a message here and I will get back to you with my xbox gamer tag invite details.
Cheers and thanks for looking.

Hello, my guild is currently seeking new members and we would like for you to join. We are a smaller sized guild but we have 750+ trophies right now (+30% daily bonus gold) We also have some people that reach the guild seal cap, and we try to do as many tasks as we can during the week. Let me know if you are interested in joining.


I am recruiting for my guild which is ranked #159 on leader boards and all mana is level 37 or higher. Are you interested in joining? All we ask is that you donate to the guild when you can with what you can and claim seals. We hit 10,000 seals last week with only 15/25 members. Our next goal is break 20,000 seals. We normally finish all task at 6/12 and always looking to do more. Send me a message with invite code if your interested.

Hi folks thanks for all the offers and advice, i locked in at the start of the week with a guild ranked around 700 with 30 members. Going to remain loyal and see how it all pans out for the moment, if it ends up pear shaped in the near future i will touch base with you guys to see if a position is still available.
Cheers and thanks again.:relaxed:

Hey, i am lv 676 and used to be in a top 30 guild. But now i’m looking to chill a bit. If you are looking for someone that can donate +400,000 gold a week, i"m your guy.

woops sorry i’m actually on PC didn’t realize this was xbox. sorry