1500 seals active newbie LFG

Hey all, just started getting into this game. Level 60 at the moment so I’m not making a lot of gold (still haven’t gotten a single kingdom to 10 yet) but it feels like I’ll never catch up if I stick with the guilds that the in-game guild finder throws at me.

Hoping to get into a guild that finishes all the tasks so that I don’t fall too far behind. I can only offer my 1500 seals/week (could probably afford like 30k gold and still have a bit left to level kingdoms) but I’m sure I’ll have more gold to contribute once I’m up and running.

Invite code’s [STEVM if you want to throw me an invite

Cheers! Off to bed now

Wish you was on the xbox

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I’m willing to give you a weeks trial if you haven’t found anything :slight_smile: ! Our Guild is Anothernymous, we usually complete all tasks and have many veterans to help you…

Yeah sure :slight_smile: Already maxed seals this week but shouldn’t be a big deal since the reset’s in a few hours. My invite code’s [STEVM], looking forward to joining