Active, mid-sized player looking for group

I’m currently in a great beginner guild but I’m looking to transition to the next level. I’m level 114, I do 1200-1400 seals and 100-150 trophies. I could do more but unfortunately the rest of the guild doesn’t do much in the way of seals and trophies so I usually don’t push myself as hard as I could.

I’m looking for a guild that does 20-40,000 seals a week and will allow me time to build my deck before jumping into GW. I’ve done the Arena often, I’m undefeated in every Arena match but I don’t have great cards for GW yet. I could also use some guidance on GW including the best cards to use when you don’t have mythic or many good legendaries.

If interested please message me at Xbox gamer tag WickedCoolHand.




Welcome to the forum and good luck in your search. If you haven’t already, check out this category as there may be a guild advertising there that would be a good fit for you. I only wish you were on PS4…

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@WickedCoolHand if you can make the reqs this would be a good spot for ya

Rank 11, The Unforgiven II - Recruiting Guild Wars, 400k, 1500s, 200t


Hi, maybe “Heroes Of The War” can be your next step to move forward. We’re a very friendly and helpul guild with an own xbox club, who also accepts lower level players with fair terms of admission, depending on your level and guild rank. We’re doing great at the moment and moved from rank 30 to 21 in the last 7 weeks, rocking guild war bracket 3 last week and are now back again in bracket 2. If you’re interested please contact gamtertag “bieralle” on XboxLive for more informations and further instructions.

Unfortnately (for you) we’re ready with all tasks this week and you wont earn many rewards until the reset on next monday.

Thanks @Vangor

No problem😎

I couldn’t hit the money req, all of the others would be doable.

The guild im in fits the bill! We are pretty laid back and fun to be with. We are currently doing the team synergy achievement, and we are all working together on it. We would love to have ya! @MalteseShadow

As long as you contribute something each week, mainly gold and trophies, I’m all in. I have 2 spots available if you’d like to join

If you are looking The Black Sheep has openings. We do 1500 seals at least 150 trophies gw we are willing to work with new members. :slight_smile:

I don’t want to promise anything that I can’t deliver. I’ve done 1200-1400 seals weekly and I have no trouble with 100+ trophies. I don’t have a ton of gold, currently I have about 250K total and generate probably 50-75K per week. Do you generate more gold in higher clans? It seems like the gold requirement will be the one that would be difficult for me to met. There’s no real point in me joining a clan req 200K-400K per week at this moment in time.

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Do u have dragon armor?

I messaged Bieralle but his profile shows a requirement of 200K per week. At this point and time that’s more than I can do.

Yes I already bought the Dragon Armor.

Hey we are willing to help you out by building kingdoms!!! No promises no foul :slight_smile:

Hey wicked if you’re interested drop us a line. Good luck with your move up. We do seem to fit your reqs though.

Don’t know if you found a guild yet but guild war is optional for us. Our only requirements is 1500 guild seals and 100,000 gold. You can do what you want after that.

Hey. Our requirements are just seals, other thing as you whana. Donate as much as you whana, before leveling up kingdoms. Gamertag Ma5inys LT