:gem_doomskull: Rank 99 Overall / Bracket 16 Guild Wars recruiting

We have an opening for at least one highly motivated player.

We have no listed requirements, yet we have requirements that every member will keep pace with the rest of the guild.

In other words, if you have to ask what the minimums are then you might not be doing enough.

Kind of like driving with the other cars on a mulitple lane highway. You just keep up with the group and don’t worry about the speed limit.

If you want to call expecting 1500 seals every week a requirement then that’s 1 requirement.

We may not be fighting for GW bracket 1 YET, but we have time to find that 1 person who will fit in with what we are about.

Some of our current members have experience in the top brackets of Guild Wars and can advise what is effective for winning.

26 of our current members are 1000+ in levels. The non 1000 level members average in the upper 800’s.

Therefore 1000+ is not a requirement to join.

A commitment to achieve as much as you can is a requirement.

Communication is a requirement.

We have multiple means of communication to supplement Guild Chat. We have a private Xbox club. We have a Wix site for team builds, strategies, We have pet rescue push notifications, We also have a undisclosed Global channel that we can communicate with our secondary guild.

Apollo and Artemis has done 18 legendary task on Monday of this week.

Our average gold contributions are between 1 million and 2 million gold.

1000+ level may not be required but all kingdoms at 10 are required no matter what current level you may be at.

If all of this sounds like it may be too demanding we do have a secondary guild that you could join while you finish up your Kingdoms.

If any of this sounds close to what you think would benefit both yourself and our guild then reply here, or message anyone listed below.

What do you want from a guild? What are your requirements? Tell us what your Req’s are and let us tell you if we can meet them.

@Asuna_Scarlette @CanyonSurfer @WyomingPixel Wyoming Pixel with a space is my Xbox live gamertag.


Beat the Sunday recruiting day rush! Join today and spend the weekend setting up your Guild Wars teams for a “Sweet 16” Guild Wars bracket.

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Hi, I am interested. I sent messages to your gamer tag as well.

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I direct messaged you.