Serious Commitment may be necessary

Apollo and Artemis is a brand new named guild that is serious about contending for a top spot in Guild wars.

We still have some time to assemble a top notch guild.

We are currently rank 17 in Guild Wars.

If you are low level and do not have kingdoms at 10 we still love ya.

We can find a place for you, just not here (in Apollo and Artemis) and not today.

Ares and Athena may be a better option.

We have some heavy hitters from Ares and Athena that you will be joining up with.

Don’t think you are quite hardcore enough?

Join one of our guilds and allow us (leadership and you) too decide if we all would benefit from you joining.

We had a few people unaware of how good they really are and had to be made aware how they would fit in to Apollo.

Maybe you have untapped potential?

No matter what level you are you will be appreciated in one of our guilds.

Reply here, send a message to Wyoming Pixel, ask us what global channel we are currently using (both of our guilds use a chosen channel to share information), or brave the toxic Global channel #001 (strong chance we won’t see your message in standard Global).

*We are not listing the channel we are currently using due to possible no notice change of channels. We would hate to send you to where we cannot hear what you have to say. @Asuna_Scarlette


Speed bump up ahead!