Server maintenance

I just got 30 gems for some kind of server issue thingy. What is that about? @sirrian

Seems pretty self-explanatory to me:


Yeah, a little confusing. Normally we get these after. And still not clear when it’s happening.

how many years is that expiration date.
(edit omg it is 46 thousand years O.O)


It was kind of them to give us the gems for the server move compensation.I don’t think any other game that I have played in the past would have done that.


This is true. They really try their best to give everyone a fair shot.

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I wanted to make some kind of Dr. Who joke refernece here, but it is late right now in my time zone and my brain is officially zombified…

Le sigh.


I thank @Sirrian to give us a short Info to the current State of the Server Process. In contrast to other Games like WoW or similar you get also some useful Goods for the imminent Downtime. Thats not self-evident and shows the good intentions to this concern. So thanks for the 30 Gems. Will well invested :slight_smile:

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Yes I smiled at the 30 gems, it just gave me enough as I had been saving for the week and spent the lot on 50 Events and 150 Gem chests…gotta love a freebee :slight_smile:

We wanted to give you guys a heads up that this will be happening this week. Because we need to take the servers down to do so, we wanted to let you guys know what was going on.


Should have called me, @ctu1208. It’s all wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey. . .


Oh god where are we now doctor!

now now… we all know that the doctor is a damsel in distress :slight_smile:

I don’t know he did take on the ultimate evil and threw it into a collapsing star.