Seriously annoyed by legendary drops

Hello everyone.
Although this post is going to be a slightly negative one I want to pay a little tribute to the devs first. Keep up the good work guys! :smile:

Back on topic. This is going to be a little rant on my legendary drops. So far I have got 11 legendaries in total from both iron and magic keys (no special offers bought that could falsify this statistic). Out of these 11 drops I got SIX duplicates, ALL of which were Orion.

At first I was quite surpised getting a second Orion after only 4 legendary drops but when it worsened and every second legendary I got turned out to be him I got seriously annoyed. Now it feels like a bad joke since three of my last four drops were him again.

That is right. I am sitting on five Orions right now, waiting to be disenchanted. I know there is no such an option but I seriously wish there was some kind of a refund or trade in option availbale lol.

I am just letting you guys know about it. Maybe you have had some similar bad luck you want to share or just show some compassion :wink:

And thanks again to the devs for contioniously working on this great game. I hope to see some nice stuff in the future :smile:

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I’d trade you one of my spare 4 Gloom Leafs, but I already got 2 spare Orions :stuck_out_tongue:

I know exactly where you’re coming from. I was over level 700 before I got my last legendary. (Crimson Bat)

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Knowing that, I’m not going to hold my breath, dhjl. I am at level 218… :smile:

So less than 400 levels to go until I get my bat :smile:

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I had all the troops at lvl 230 :blush:

I got two Kerberos in one pack… but I do get a lot of the same legendaries (Shadow Dragon for instance) and none of the ones I am missing (Crimson Bat)… to be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are different chances of earning different legendaries… like Orion maybe more common than Crimson Bat.

I have decided that all legendaries have a low chance until you get them once. Then the chance that when you get a legendary drop, it will be one of them quadruples and keeps increasing the more you get a specific legendary. Though the new ones added with new kingdoms seem easier to get :stuck_out_tongue:

The alternative is: statistics. Statistics always suck.

It is hard to argue with statistics with such a small amount of drops but it would be very interesting to bring together data from many players. This way we had enough drops to highlight any imbalance in drop chances.

If enough players are interested this would be a very good idea for an interesting analysis thread.

It took me ages to get the Crimson Bat too. But I finally got it on my 72 legendary pull and then I was really lucky to pull the new legendary Orc on the first day it was out.

I have lots of Goblin Kings, Gloom Leaves and Gorgothas but that pesky bat was proving hard to find.

I am level 228 btw, so don’t give up :wink:

Just to balance the argument…

I got Crimson Bat when I was about level 50… I’m level 114 now and haven’t got Orion, Kerebos or Shadow Dragon which apparently are ‘common legendarys’.

End of the day I guess its all just luck or lack thereof.

I’m in the same boat. Level 180 here and a nice assortment of Legendaries but I have gotten several copies of Gloom Leaf. I did pull 2 Sheggra’s though and that’s generally considered one of the rare ones. No bats in my collection however.

I can’t remember exactly which ones i’m still missing. I know i don’t have Crimson Bat or Keeper of Souls or the new guy from the Orc kingdom. I did pull Kerebos though a few days after that one went live. I do have Orion. :grinning:

I’m level 292 and I still do not have Sheggra or Webspinner, I am also getting tired of fighting others that have them, especially when they have 2 Webspinners and get lucky with gem drops right off the bat, then they pretty much can wipe my team out no matter what my line up is. I also get lots of other legendaries that I already have when doing both iron keys and magic keys openings. So I hear ya and can relate totally. It’s been a long time waiting just to get these troops while I battle other opponents way under me in hero level whom have those troops that I don’t.

I’m level 301 and still don’t have Celestina, Carnak, Keeper of Souls and a whole bunch of other legendary troops, even after spending a significant amount on magic keys. Seems like every time I get a legendary it’s a copy of one I already have, except I finally pulled Gloomleaf last week. I did luck out and get Crimson Bat and Webspinner, but I hate Webspinner and refuse to use it. Just doesn’t seem fair to me.

I am level 323.
My first Legendary was Moloch when I hadn’t even unlocked my third kingdom.

Currently I have, in order of the troop list:

Sheggra x2 (when I finally got her, I got her twice in a row)
Orion x3 (when I got him I got him twice in a row, then once more after the two Sheggras)
Gloom Leaf x5
Gar’Nok x1 (yesterday!)
Abhorath x3
Gorgotha x2
Kerberos x3 (once on the day he was added tot he game, second the next day or so)
Venoxia x2
The Silent One x1
Behemoth x4 (my second ever legendary around level 100)
Jarl Firemantle x3
Shadow Dragon x1
Celestasia x1 (not a drop - from the rewards store)
Moloch x4
Goblin King x2
Webspinner x3 (my third legendary)
Summer Imp (not a drop - from buying the key bundle that gave him as a present)

Makes for 39 Legendary drops, 24 duplicates?

Missing: Carnex, Crimson Bat, Keeper of Souls

Hurrah, I’m almost there! But seriously, mileage apparently varies. :yum:

I thnik I’ve gotten more than a dozen Venoxia’s and at least 10 Webspinners and Orions, but just one Sheggra and Abhorath, and still no Crimson Bat so far (at level 388). :frowning: All the others I’ve gotten at least 4-5 times.

I’ve also gotten two identical Legendaries from a single iron key twice (Gorgotha once abour 3 months ago and Orion earlier this week).

I would really welcome a viable way for players to obtain that one Legendary that they are missing (and by that I do NOT mean the “special offer”, because no matter how much I’d like to have Crimson Bat, I sure as hell am not going to pay 50 dollars for it) !
Some kind of trade in to trade 20 surplus Legendaries for the one that you’re missing would be awesome.

I have no legendaries whatsoever (heck, I haven’t even got an epic that’s not available from quests although I’ve probably had 10 duplicates drop of epics I have from quest rewards) so, you know. One problem at a time.

Hey guys. Check out this post made regarding the Special offers and Missing Legendaries topics.

Mini game idea for missing Legendaries

Pls also answer the questions with honesty. ^^

My level is 447 and got all the legendreis except the Keeper of Soul.