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Dokkalfar Broken

I just realized I’m missing exactly one card under Legendary: Dokkalfar. WTF. No one has ever wanted Dokkalfar more than I!

Feel free to discuss other ways in which Dokkalfar is OP these days. Great comps, sweet hairline, etc.

Your right.

I’ve got three. I’ll trade you a Dolfakkar for a Carnex.

I’ve been waiting about a year to get an Ice Witch. WHY MUST YOU ELUDE ME?!?

what the hell with people’s luck… earlier I saw a dude say he didn’t get kos til level 900… I’ve had every card available on console… except that summer imp which i guess was a short window… but hes kingdomless so I don’t care… since weeks before last update…

@DemonicDraco from what i have noticed is that console has always had a better drop rate then pc. I’m level 487 on pc and still need 5 legendary troops.

On console I am level 160ish and have every legendary almost ascended. Got that damn bat last night using glory keys and then another 3 last night using 30 gem keys. 4bats in under 2minutes.

I didn’t get a Sheggra until 530s and the only reason I did is I dumped a bunch of gems into event chests

I just got Sheggs today at level 609 … I believe the game is mocking me for 2 reasons. Firstly I get Sheggs the day after it is nerfed and also 2 more 50 Glory chests later I get a 2nd copy…oh the irony…

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My luck must be rubbing off on ya Hairy lol. :kissing_heart:

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@Hairyskinback that’s so odd. I just received my Keeper of Souls at level 798.

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@Koolbiird Dang my friend that is a long wait…I feel your pain :slight_smile:

I know. I’m gonna wait to put any souls into him until the nerf hammer is put away. Anyway, congratulations for what it’s worth.

As you would say Cheers!

I just got my second one at 179. But there are plenty of others I wish I had. I suspect Jarl will be my white whale.

I hope you get him soon. He’s a lot of fun with Moloch

Jarls I got early and now have 3 of em. They are one I would like to get fully traited so everytime I 4/5 match I can yell at the screen “Burn baby burn” … lol I know…

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I also do not own Moloch :frowning2:

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I got my 2nd Moloch today and will at some point try out a double Moloch team probably with a Jarl just to see 2* skill points vanish on every match.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a dev saying this. Can we help this poor developer out?

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I’m still trying to get The Great Maw (as well as Herald of Chaos and Marid but that’s because I haven’t finished their stories).

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Also i use dolakafar and gaint spider and tyri in a team. Why for the glory of santa of course. All hail the red man himself.