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Dokkalfar the ghost

I have find at least 5 of all epic troops in chests except Dokkalfar. I dont even got one! (I have 1 that I bought with glory pts and thats it). Seems unlikely, can someone confirm me he is really in chests?
Im on Xbox one, thanxs in advance.

I too have this problem and I’m on mobile. I’m convinced his drop rate is lower than the rest.

Interesting. have you at least got 1 from chests?

I can confirm that Dokkalfar’s in there. He was added to the PS4 and Xbox One versions in January.

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Nope, 0 ever. He’s the only Epic I don’t have. And it looks like I have about 3 copies of every other Epic, on average.

I’m pretty sure it’s just rotten luck, but still makes me wonder if his drop rates are different.


I’m on PS4 and get Dokkalfar here and there in chests. Even got one today to ascend him to Mythic, so I can verify that he’s in chests.

Got one some time ago on chests, but he seems to be very elusive. Never got another one.

XB1 here. I’ve pulled him from chests somewhat recently.

Thank you all for your answers. I hope ill finally find one.

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He’s just your white whale. We’ve all got one. Be happy that yours is such a universally unused Troop?


My white whale is The Silent One. I have 5+ copies of almost every Troop but I only have the one TSO.

I even have 2 Sylvasi, and he hasn’t even been released yet. THAT’S how rare TSO is for me :smiley:

Still, TSO is like 1/10th the drop rate of Dokkalfar!

Developers have said the drop rates are uniform though

I mean bc it’s Epic va Legendary, and yes I know they’ve claimed that. But I’m still not convinced!


Venoxia is my white whale. Only have 1

I know that… Lvl410, playing every day since console release, 3+ copies of every legendary, half of them already mythic but I can’t get that damn gloom leaf!
But hey, I have silvasi x4, maybe I’ll make an silvasi only def team…

Legendary drop rate are lower than epic. To not have all legendary is more understandable than to not have all epic. Especially if you play the game a lot like me. I guess I can only trust the devs and wait for the miracle to happen…

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Make ablood sacrifice to the RNG God: The RNG God's Prayer

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The original codebase had drop rates set numerically for each troop. This allowed troops to have different drop rates, and also allowed for errors due to human oversight.

With the 1.0.85 update, we changed the way the randomization works to make everything (per rarity level) absolutely uniform.

Doesn’t mean it’s not still possible to, for example, have a troop left out of a chest list. But I 100% swear that every troop (of a given rarity) dropping from a given source drops with equal chance.