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Seriously? A pop-up ad after drawing a new troop?


Game Feedback:

Someone’s smoking something if they think $35 to upgrade ONE troop is a good deal…or if they think $70 is a fair “regular price” to do the same thing.

I know IP2 doesn’t control in-game advertising directives, but ffs…this is a whole new level of insulting if 505 thinks players are really this stupid.


It pops-up only once in the entire day.
Yes it’s a bad deal, yes it’s annoying, but i suggest you refrain from use drug-abuse references in your post…

Oh well. I’m sure they will have the numbers IF this works.

505 is not on the forum. I’ve been posting for years we need more low priced “subscriptions” for most things. At least they added ‘the ring of wonder’ subscription awhile back.

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What is commonly-used slang to one person is apparently a drug abuse reference to another. (Please note however that I said smoking it, not abusing it :wink: )

Still, edited. Better?

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It’s better for everyone, you included. We recently had some issues with users that needed some more extreme moderation and the way you put it was innapropriate.

So, to not get caught in the crossfire it’s better to discuss the matter without forcing the moderation to constantly take actions.

Once you feel calmer and get used to this pop-up you’ll see it’s pretty easy to ignore. It was actually mentioned in a Stream that something like that was coming.

I remember statements about “flash specials” becoming a thing. I’m not ultimately surprised to finally see one. The format could be better, but the new way of things seems to be “popups everywhere”.

I’m actually quite calm (and in fact, I’m kind of half-facepalming, half-giggling about how silly this is) but it’s still part of the game and this is the place for game feedback, so, yeah. :slight_smile:

It’s fine, i don’t even disagree with you in this matter.

I don’t think the financial guys/girls/robots have a good perspective for prices… For $35 i would expect an offer with the Mythic right away and something more.

It’s so ridiculously overpriced. I agree with @Strat that they should try more with smaller transactions and specially options that can drain our huge pile of resources with better guaranteed “pixels” than what we gain gambling with Sigil Shops and such.

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The deal is more likely aimed at new players that have no concept of in-game currency value.
Just imagine if you were sub-level 100 and pulled a mythic with a full upgrade option.

When i first started this game i bought the soul subscription thinking it was good value which now i wouldn’t even touch with a 10 meter pole.

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For an advertising idea, i actually thought this one was pretty clever. If i didn’t have 100 arcanes sitting around, i would consider $35 to get to play the new troop instead of farming for a day to get to play it. Gard’s Avatar was one I would have done that for.

Pop ups suck. This one was kinda like a congratulations and not so offensive to me.

I liked the idea of a Gem flash sale, etc, so I’ll live with this without complaint. But I do find it overpriced, and a bit annoying…

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Except it would be a “buy gems at regular price and we’ll give you a few more as a bonus” flash sale :wink:

I got this same pop up when leaving the troop menu after just fully upgrading my new Possessed King :smiley: I thought that was kinda funny, it was already too late, lol

I wonder how they come up with the value for it. 88 of the 150 traitstones in the pack are minors.

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Well, they sell packs of 36 Arcanes in the shop for $35. This is 42 Arcanes plus a bunch of smaller traitstones plus some souls. If used for comparison purposes, that makes it look like more of a bargain. The actual $70 “regular price” value though? That’s probably some sort of obscure “gem value” equation.

almost a dollar a piece??? can i sell mine back to them?xD


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This comes into my head sometimes too when I’m reading the forums :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I like the idea of a flash sale, particularly for diamonds.

This one feels like every other $30 GoW item: an insult to anyone who finished 2nd grade math and values their time at a rate above US Minimum Wage.

I’m surprised they had the technical prowess to make it pop up immediately after you got the card. Other things that are supposed to happen immediately take up to 72 hours for the game to process.


I do as well, though i don’t need diamonds, I can see sales like that really appealing to a lot of players, and also helping them round out their troops.

I don’t think there is cause to complain about ads in a F2P game. The ad being discussed here is targeted, and is the LEAST annoying type of advertising. I’d prefer they kept advertising more like this.