Searching for a Guild

Hi my Name is Rtfm,

i am looking for a Guild that is real active !

i will leave my guild because there are just 3-5 ppl really giving money for guildtasks …

What can i give:

400k Gold + / week
1500 Seals / week

My Level: 720+
All Kingdoms level 10 & almost all @ 5 stars … (3 missing)

so plz write me aboput your guild, when i can join …

best regards Rtfm

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You are more than welcome to join heroes united we are rank 16 and active members who are donating. We have 1 spot ATM .

guild reps:

Trophy = 300
Seal = 1500
Gold =500K

This reps just minimum,we will pull you in first if you can do better than reps.

Donated 1 million gold per week about 1/3 members in our guild.

We average 10 Legendary tasks a week.

40k seal each week.

If you are looking for a “new” guild, League Rebels would love to have you.

What console?

RTFM? As in the technical abbreviation? What I have to tell 90% of people asking for tech help to do after power cycling their machine?

Also I don’t think you specified platform. PC/Mobile, XBox, or PS4?

Xbox one guild rank 24 and rising only require you to get seals.

not top 50 guild but like your tude - some one put your name forward for our guild but your invite code does not exist on xbox message? sorted the tag my error pm’d you.

Hello Rtfm,
our guild is active. We get 20k+ seals every week, we are in the top 300 of the pvp ranks, our guild level is 100. I checked it and your nickname is available on pc/mobile. Our guild is Schattenwölfe and I would like if you join us :slight_smile:
Best regards

My gamertag is Mrs Affects
There is a space between Mrs Affects xbox one and 360.

Found a new guild now!

Thanks to all others :wink:

What platform?
Realm of the Undead has one spot open, pc/mobile.
Rank 85 guild.