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SAVE our Guild of LV1000!

Hello everyone, I don’t visit forum often, but I do today because there is something unexpected you deserve to know.

I joined a guild which is about to level 1000 several weeks ago, exciting and embarking my new heroic path of the group. While, surprisingly, I found there is only map tasks available when the guild level above 1000. As other members realize that they can not get gems and keys any more via the guild, they left and applied for other guilds for their bebefits. How could such a remarkable guild be abandoned in this circumstance? I decide to stay because I cherish the honor as the veterans made in long-term effort. At the cost of it, I have to confront the shortage of gems and keys. I don’t know how long I could hold. It’s only my struggling, admitedly, but I’ll carry on if I can.

Hopefully, someone could provide suggestions. Because, someday, your development of guild would be capped at level 1000 as well, and you will face the same issue as I am doing. Is it a poor design of the game?

This has to be a bug…has to be.

wtf good my Guild is ,only, 200

All I can say is, “Ouch, that had to hurt”

He probably meant rank 1000, I don’t think any of the top guilds have made it to guild level 1000 yet.

Or, maybe this is a (very) late April Fools’ joke?


why not? we made 200 in 5 1/2 Weeks

MatchMasters’ Guild is not yet level 1000, in fact some way from it… I’d be very interested to know if any guild was actually at level 1000 yet…

@RiverSong how about you guys in Anonymous?

Do we know anyone in Tyrant or Vn4ever?

@Royalty yours is Royal Fire isn’t it? how close to level 1000…?

@chase did you mean guild level 1000? or rank 1000? or 1000 trophies…? care to share a screenshot? and any luck with the mysterious tasks?

Not 1000 in Anonymous

Yeah, MM is also not 1,000, but we are getting there. :3

You play on PS4, right? I assume the OP was talking about PC/mobile (unless he chose the wrong category).

I don’t know how guild levels scale, it’s possible that leveling gets slower gradually.

We didn’t get a guild name either. I don’t think a random guild got to level 1000 and encountered this supposed bug before any of the most active top guilds, and I find it very hard to believe that all members of the first guild to get to level 1000 would just abandon the guild they worked so hard for, rather than opening support tickets and sorting this out.

Another thing, most guilds in the top 50 are full (29 or 30 members), the only one missing members is Clien Net, and it has been this way for quite a while.

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@jainus We’re at 604. If they got to rank 200 in a couple of weeks that sounds a little weird. Unless they’re on XBox/PS4 and things work differently there.

Royal Fire isn’t up to 500 yet, so not us!

Client Net at rank 9 is the guild that looks like falling apart.

Lev 1000 is really some insanely high number. Yet should not be bugged the shown way.

In Vn4ever we are 432. I think we are averaging 4.5 million gold a week, so its a long way to 1,000.

Royal Fire is at 485 in case you’re wondering, so like Rasper said, it’s definately not us… :slight_smile:

Good God Level 1000!
That has got to be like… what? A couple billion golds worth of Tasks in contribution?
What’s the name of your guild? :astonished:

PS: My guild, Celestia Peak, is a little more than 6 months old, and we’re only at Level 285 as of today… and I thought we were going pretty fast.