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Safe Word #97 looking for members

We are full
Statues 66+
Be active
Min 600 seals
Gold: donate as much as you can (the more we donate the better rewards)
Have LINE (we communicate there)
Have fun:))
We have brownies😜

Don’t join this guild. i told them i had scarlet fever (and they said that was fine), then they backstabbed and kicked me while i was asleep fighting the deadly virus, VERY scummy. So you know look out if you have holiday problems. they won’t care.

And before mr Krax call me on it, I had my sister keeping up on collecting the mail and upgrading troops so I did not have to deal with the mass amount of troops when I came back and could hit the ground running.

Im so sorry to hear that you had a deadly virus RIDDLE:((( But according to guildchat you got the flu. And to me scarlet fever and the flu is two very different things. I just all acted based on what you wrote. And it was 17 days since you did anything. And a flu doesnt last for 17 days. And you wrote last Friday that you should start to play, but on Tuesday had still not done anything. If i had knew this i had act differently but i didnt. And i think you know that i have been very patient. I hope you get well and take care.

yeah and you kicked me the very freaking next day, i did not even get to prove myself that week. even then the flu really knock one of their asses, and everyone is different. so you come from the planet of superman? because only superman could recover quickly from a massive flu. wish me my ass, your only trying to save ass because i called you out.

So do me a favor before you wish me well, stop lying out your butt and giving me a fake farewell, you are jaded and liar and just trying to save face. Krax, your a joke, but hey whatever, whatever furthers your petty butt goals eh? your a sorry excuse for a leader. true gems of wars leaders understand that even a flu can wreck someone pretty f**king hard. not that you would know.

because god forbid a flu can kill someone, had you done any kind of research

know what, lets take this to email so we can really chat so I can school you on real life here rebirthed.Celtic@gmail.com

if you have ANY, if even a tiny bit of guild leadership here, you’ll write

P.S; I could post proof of the people you have given a months forgiveness to if i wanted to. but lets see if you email.

and BTW krax, that message was posted 2 freaking days early before you kicked me, so I did not even have time to prove myself

come on krax i know your time table, answer.

@Sirrian please react to this, this is the guy I reported you yesterday.

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oh god forbid i am angry after being booted after being on my deathbed!

you know what don, come back to me when you reach 103 and live through it, then you can understand.

I have every right to ask why i was booted while being near my death bed, swears or not!

As i said how could i know that you didnt tell:((
I have begged in guildchat to get LINE so we can communicate better but you havent bothered to replay. I can admit that i have done a mistake and i could have let you join again if you just have asked.But you didnt. Instead you attack me in public and i dont like that. So for me this conversation is over.

you left me high and dry, how the hell am I to try an remember anything with scarlet fever! you have no idea how painful it was! you want me to settle this then toss me the line! we have a gentlemen score to settle!