Friendly and helpful guild Safe Word rank 104 looking for a small guild who wants to merge with us we have 4 spots


We are a friendly guild that help each other out.
Guildmaster ll 320% gold bonus
Statues 100+
20k seals
We do all statues to lv 7 then we max out what we can 2-3/week

Guild requirement:
750 seals
Sentinels 3+
We use LINE as our main communicater where we can share tips,screenshots,links etc. But its not a guildreq as long as you check guildchat.

If you think this is something for you we will be happy to help you grow:grinning:

Regards Kraxhilda GM Safe Word


Hi,is your guild available for one people only?
My guild kinda dead now after new update and i can easily meet you requirement as long as not involved gold coz i’m new and still leveling my kingdom…

If yes,i will quit my guild and join you…
My invite code is JENOS07_G8N9


Hi Jenos yes it is
Quit your guild and i invite you


Hi Jenos:) quit your guild and i invite you:) welcome


Will gladly join you. My guild just like the above has suffered a breakup.


I invite you


Now i’m free to invite
Thx fot accepting me


invite sent


Its open for singel persons too:slight_smile:
Not only guilds.