Safe Word Rank 91 lv 376 looking for 1 new member [Pc/Mobile]

We: A friendly guild that help each other out:)
Statues mastery 93-96
Always 20k guildchests ( aiming for 40k )
Always all statues to lv8 then we max what we
can 1-3/ week

You: Daily player
Able to do min 750 seals/week
Donate what gold you can (focus on your
kingdoms if they not at 10)
User of LINE ( Its the way we communicate)
Participation in GW

Welcome to Safe Word:)))

We’re unloved Krax. :\

You arent unloved, 2 guilds from top 10 ranks are recruting for past few days, and they still haven’t found a member. There arent any player out there searching for guilds currently, that’s the problem.

Hi Don:)) yea its hard to get members atm:(( i see there r lots of guilds recruting:))

We have cookies:))

No one want cookies? Lol

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Show us a photo of said sweets. :grin: [quote=“Kraxhilda, post:5, topic:20643”]
We have cookies:))

Join Safe Word😋

My friend recently started playing the game and would love to join your guild. He is level 47 but rising fast. He has been like 90% of the donations and seals in his current guild so he’s looking for another where he can actually mutually benefit.

His invite code is BOOTSIE.

Hi Zippity:) is he a daily player? Does he have LINE?

He is a daily player and he said he could get LINE to talk to everyone.

Nice i will invite him:)

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Join Safe Word😉

We have cookies​:cookie::cookie:

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I’m not sure if bumping the thread or scrapping it and starting a new one would be better.

But it’s probably worth noting we’re consistently placing in the top 100 in GW.

Come and join us😋

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