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Safe Word looking for members

Hi Safe word is looking for active members we are in Platinum III we have +50% gold, 1900 trophys and growing fast we have 6 spots open we are 21 members atm everybody is welcome:)) And we have brownies :slight_smile:

Hi Aurelia:))
We only have 6 spots atm.We moved together from an other game Puzzle and Glory so we wont be kicking anyone unless they stop playing. We can only have 9 more we r 21 now. We r in rank 1992 in Platinum III atm. So we cant take 11:((((

Well congrats on the move over! I’m sure you guys will fly through the ranks! Good luck and happy gaming!

Thank you:))) And good luck to you too:))))

Level 100
Very active
At rank 3 for current week
$110,000 gold
Would appreciate the invite

Hi i sent an invite but it says name dont exist:(((

I’m going to remove my posts just so people aren’t trying both guilds. I don’t want to take away from your great efforts and guild. Just wanted you to know why I’ve deleted them! Good luck on your continued success!

Hi I’m also from Safe Word, thanks and good luck to you Aurelia we are about 2-3 weeks old and Platinium II.

I will try to send you invite forsberg!

Hey Forsberg, we tried to invite you but the invite code is not working. Could you please double check if there are no mistakes in it?

Hey Krax! What happened to Twilight Moon? :wink:

Keep trying the invite code. It’s a hit and miss in some cases. It’s happened to us too when inviting our own members with correct invite codes.

Twiligth Moon reformed as Safe Word with the members who wanted to move over :slight_smile:

We are still looking 7 spots atm, no requirements other than being active and friendly :wink:

I can vouch on them being active and friendly! Though I do miss the chats from PaG.

And thanks for giving shera a temporary home while we built-up our guild. :smiley:

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Hi Fodder:)) Thanks:)) i miss the chat too:(((

Can’t resist it, but I have to ask. Is your Safe Word: “Martha” ? :sunglasses:


or bannana?

Still looking for members:)
Platinum I
2668 Trophys
60% bonus gold
All mastery 7-8
22 members need 8 more
Everyone is welcome:))

I remember passing your guild on the ladder. I loled to darn hard.

We have brownies :slight_smile:

Up! 5 slots :slight_smile: