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Safe Word Rank #111 full

looking for new players, requirements, only:

• being excellent to each other
• donations to guildtasks until kingdoms are level 10 are optional
• 1000 seals minimum (1500 strongly encouraged!)
• 100 trophies minimum ( We are trying to get back to the top 100 )
• GW participation (our emphasis is on participation – We don’t mind if you don’t score big in GW but you must play)
• Minimum level: 100

we offer:
•casual but dedicated playing
•guildchests level 5 ( but at the chance we will try to level 6 )

any interested players please write here :]

Here I am! Love GW

Just left the guild, too many inactive players.
I have only 3 kingdoms to level from 6 to 10 left, then I’ll donate to guild.

Unfortunately we have full. The Guild Master ran me and accepted 3 missing members