Runesmith - Dead or Alive

Did someone find this badass in the chests?
If yes, which ones?
I opened a lot of glory chests since last week and I didn’t drop him…
Normally the weekly troop is included the week after his release, no?

I think I’ve seen him drop from a glory chest last week, but I wasn’t exactly looking for him. Runesmith certainly should be in there. I’ll keep an eye out.

Been wondering the same thing. Not a single Runesmith so far, in about 1000 Glory chests and 100 Gem chests.

I was wondering the same. I opened 1000 glory chests and 200 gems chests last week and not a single runesmith…

Hmm true, i opened 50 gem chests, and god knows how many glory keys, and didn’t get a single one.

I haven’t gotten a single one yet as a chest drop as well and I’ve opened a bunch.

@Sirrian, @Nimhain: Can you confirm if Runesmith is in the chests?

He isn’t in chests yet (at least I believe so). Event troops appear in chests about 2-4 weeks after their events at the moment.

He was in Event Chest though. That’s usually the means for getting them ASAP.

Too bad that was changed, Wyvern and Marsh Raptor were available sooner. Any chance we could get the chest update again in the weekly event notes, so the crazier collectors among us know when it should be dropping?

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I take offence to this regard. just kidding this is an idea i can support.

Apparently, he wasn’t released this week…

wait another week