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Sol'zara, spinrette and the other troop

Hello, someone have any idea when this 3 troops are coming back, they were available just after the last update and did not seen them anymore?

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Sol’Zara, Spinrette and Ser Cygnea should be available from Glory, Gem and VIP Chests (also Guild chests for the correct levels as well).

They shouldn’t have been removed from chests.

Weird never got them since and i opened allot of chest getting skadi last week

Well, there are a lot of Epic and Legendary troops in the pool, so the chance of getting these particular ones are pretty low. I’ve opened a few hundred gem chests and almost 2k glory chests, resulting in one Spinerette and one Sol’zara (and one Skadi, yay!). Ser Cygnea might show up as consolation prize when I’m fishing for the next mythic.

Just to confirm, I pulled Ser Cygnea from a guild chest this morning (xbox one).

Ok i am on Xbox one also so i try further

I opened about 2,000 chests getting Skadi and I never got a single one of these troops on PS4 :frowning:

Edit - to clarify I opened 650 Gems keys, a hundred Guild keys and 1400 Glory to get Skadi ( got Skadi on my last 50 “pull” on Glory keys I was pleased)

I opened at least that many chasing skadi and ended up with all 3, but no skadi. I would gladly trade places :wink:

Bro you should have wait next friday when new mythic get out at least you could try to get 2 birds with one stone

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@Rickygervais there is another new Mythic out this Friday again (January 5th) ?

I’m nearly out of Gem keys but I’m still in decent shape on Glory keys (2k+) and I have enough gems for a 50 VIP chest pull so maybe I’ll get lucky again!


Yup next event we get 3 troops then a new mythic on friday Gargantour should also be release

Also probably new kingdom in january or february should be out, so it will cost lot of
Keys :slight_smile:


New kingdom this month supposedly and grosh nak mythic on Friday. Event keys could nab you a ketras if you’re very lucky this week.
Fingers crossed…