How are people getting the new Troops already?

I have seen people pulling the new Mythic and Heart Of Rage already on Xbox lol

It clearly wasnt intended. I expect them to remove them from those that got them since this mythic is a bit more complicated than normal.

So best not to throw any keys myself lol

It’d just get rolled back, if previous similar issues are any judge. Creates more work for the devs. I mean, if someone wants to just screw with the devs then they’ve already seen this and opened everything, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Going by previous issues they’ll switch the mythic for the latest released one and not do anything regarding the other troops. Account rollback doesn’t seem to be an option.

They are getting them already because this dev team doesn’t learn from their mistakes. They just expect people to pay them more money for making them.


I wonder if they made sure the mythic wasn’t in the soul forge rotation when they removed him from chests :face_with_monocle:

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I wonder if anybody received the mythic as part of their Path bundle and is now getting compensated with two VIP keys…


Or… if they even remembered to remove them from console players. They had forgotten to remove Zuul from Xbox players when it slipped into the soul forge until I trolled Sirrian with screenshots.