Kruarg the dread

Since my 100 event keys failed to open a Kruarg can I get an information when will he be available through glory and gems chests? @Sirrian @Nimhain

From the event thread:

So, it should be Monday. But since your chances of a random draw for a specific legendary are now dipping south of 1 in 6000 on average for glory keys (in reality, it could be much, much worse), don’t expect to get him any time soon. Luckily, he’s pretty mediocre, being below the power curve compared to nearly every legendary released in the last several months, in addition to both his trait and summon being really hard to make use of, so you aren’t missing much in terms of it being a “meta” troop.

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The event troops from the entire month are usually (for quite a while now I believe) added to glory/gem chests on the first monday of a new month. So in this case - next monday (5th).

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Thank you both I didn’t notice that thing but yeah it’s been like that indeed. As for Kruarg I am interested on just having fun with him, not so much for competitive play. And @Mithran i should get him fairly fast. I do 100-150 gem keys a week and 1500~ glory keys a week so it’s just a matter of time. Him and freshly added autumn imp are the only 2 I’m missing from legend list.

Just so you know, there is currently a glitch with Kruarg (and all the other new conditional summoners) where casting them and fulfilling their summon conditions but having no slot available to actually summon can cause a soft lock several turns down the road. I thought I had narrowed the problem down to using them with converters, but I just had another one happen when using a normal spell.

Yep read about that on forums, but thought that was already fixed. .

i have kruarg… from gem ch.