Rowanne damage incorrect? [Solved, I am silly]


So maybe this is just me, but I’ve been trying out a Rowanne armor team for Exploring. And I keep noticing that her spell just seems to do too much damage. So I checked it. Here’s what I found:

So as you can see, her spell is supposed to do 13 plus armor, which would total 41 damage, which is then split up randomly amongst all four enemies. No other adds or bonuses, just that. However, this is the damage result I got:

That damage amount totals way more than 41. What would cause this? For reference, I’m playing on iOS, and it does it every time I cast the spell on both phone and iPad. Anybody else notice this?

Also, sorry for the cropped photos, full screenshots are too big to upload. The full team, if it makes a difference, is Templar, Green Seer, Rowanne, and Settite Warrior. None of their traits would add to this armor bonus, and if it did, like Blessed, it would be reflected in the initial armor value.


Her spell has been changed. The amount is correct : armor x 2 + 13.


Well now I feel silly. Thank you!


By cropping the photo, you missed the part where it says boost ratio 2:1, which means that every point of armor results in two additional damage.

My rowanne team is Alastair, Valk, Rowanne and Templar. I’m on PS4, so I don’t have as many options as you do, but this team is deadly against anything that doesn’t strip armor. Bone Dragon is my kryptonite…


Mang, the red hero weapon, is also a great counter. Destroys armor and increases attack by the amount destroyed.


Boost ratio is x2 which doubles the amount it’s based on. 2:1 actually halves it (2 of something gives 1 point of damage)


Good point. Didn’t have it in front of me…


How do you find that team working for you? We don’t have Settite Warrior on console, but it looks like that might be an interesting combo with Rowanne. It would build up Rowanne while also chipping away at the opponent. My group has awesome board control, but I find it quite slow so don’t end up using it very much, except to deal with really stacked skull damage teams. It IS fun to cycle and cycle and then turn Rowanne loose when she’s got 100+ armor though.


It works wonderfully for Exploring and Challenges - cast SW, cast Rowanne, and usually done. For PvP, it’s less sure, sadly. Since it relies so heavily on Rowanne, if she takes any hit at all, the loss of her armor is hard to come back from, despite having two sources for adding more. It’s not a looping team, which also makes it more difficult to keep the steam rolling.


That makes perfect sense. We don’t have explore mode yet either, but I’m thinking I wouldn’t want to give up Valkyrie while doing those modes. If I’m already farming, I want to at least get a few extra souls while chugging through those battles as quickly as possible.


I use Alastair instead of Templar for color-roundness and Lord of Bones bonus.
Although the templar’s color transformation now makes a lot more sense to me. I should try it out.


Yeah, red is covered by the fact that Templar removes it :wink:


I use Templar, Soothsayer, Rowanne, Valkyrie. Spirit’s Call can be a good way to kickstart mana for a team, Stone Link helps fill Templar, and Templar can get pretty silly with enough magic boosts. However, I wonder if switching Soothsayer out for Settite Warrior or Alastair would be faster. It would probably help if I maxed out the Armor kingdoms as well.


“Mang?” That’s a strange dialect. Are you from LA? We usually just say “man” around here. Also, what’s the red weapon called?


Are you joking? I hope you’re joking. If not: Mang.

Also, it’s also brown.

Steve, drive around to the seventh window.


Mang?! that is out word mang, you better watch out mang or i will give you a lesson in manas. (joking)


I forgot it was red/brown, I always used it with Red based heroes so that slipped my mind. Thanks.