Gard's Avatar wasn't working as I expected, but now I understand! (answered)

I’ve noticed using this troop doesn’t always result in the expected damage (normally does, biut occasionally doesn’t) … see first screen shot where it should do over 300 damage: 15 + (boost ratio=2) x 152 = 332 expected damage), vs troop with (134+69) 203 defense … yet it survives (second screen shot) with 110 left! Any ideas???

I’m afraid his Boost ratio is 2:1 not x2,
so dmg = (152+4)/2 +15 = 93

edit: I know it does sound confusing in-game, those 2:1 and 3:1 should be read in reverse as 1/2 and 1/3


You sure Venan, as I’m sure it’s worked “my way” in the vast majority of cases. Here (first pic) “my way” says 15+2x142=299, yours says 15+(142+4)=161. Actual damage caused is (prior) 354 - (after) 50 = 304 … so my way is far closer (tho neither “perfect”)!

yes, 100% sure, I’ve been using Gard’s Avatar in PVP from the very day he appeared, still doing this math in my head almost every time before he strikes :slight_smile:

If you want to see a troop with x2 armor boost ratio - check Rowanne

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I agree with @Venan . I have been using Gard’s a lot this week since I pulled it from an event key on monday and the boost ratio is definately 2:1. :slight_smile:

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oh, now I see, you calculate total damage,
and I’m talking about damage to a single troop (this is actually what described in the formula)
The damage isn’t spreading, he hits for let’s say 93 damage every troop of 4 , or only 1 remaining

Rowanne works the way you calculate

I edited the title :slight_smile:

The 2:1 ratios etc have always been written that way… yeah it’s a bit confusing.

Have used Rowanne a lot too and hence I expected this troop to do the same but since it got nurfed i’m trying different things, i understand now … thanks all!

(I also edited the title :wink: )