Rowanne PVP Team


I have below legendary troops and have almost all epic troops. Can you advice Rowanne team for me for PVP?

Please advice 1st,2nd,3rd,4th slot.

Infernal King


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None of those legendaries work well with Rowanne:

  • Abhorath and Celestasia block blue gems
  • Infernal King takes greens off the board

Pair Rowanne with Valkyrie or Green Seer to fill her up for fast casts.

Also works well with exploders - Ragnagord, Herdmaster, Rowanne, Rowanne is fast and strong.


Templar also works well with Rowanne. It gives a minor armor boost and turns all red gems to green.


As I checked youtube Tacet channel and he played with below team;

The devoted

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Settite Warrior also works well with Rowanne. I like to use an exploder up front (Gorgotha or Carnex, but I don’t think you have those). Something like this might work:

Green Seer
Settite Warrior

Focus on filling up Green Seer and then using her skill to create the maximum amount of Green gems (never do this unless you will create at least one 4 or 5 gem match, and preferably several). Then cast Settite Warrior on Rowanne (this boosts her armor and does damage), then cast Rowanne (which does more damage thanks to the boost from Settite Warrior). Fill and cast Ragnagord to help collect other mana and don’t worry much if he dies absorbing damage.

Edit: wrote “dryad” instead of Green Seer originally - whoops!


I use Valkyrie / Rowanne / Rowanne / Mercy. Fast and deadly but I also have kingdom and guild bonuses as an end-game player so may not be as fast for you.

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I used Alistair Valkyrie Rowanne Templar for a while with good success. Alistair gets Barrier so he can just take a skull hit while you grab mana for him or other troops. The goal is always to buff Rowanne until she can nuke the other side.

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Using Templar with Rowanne is great because of the green generation plus the armor buff. Good call.

I used Templar / Valkyrie / Mercy to great effect with both Rowanne and Paladin for much of the mid-game. In fact, I still use the Paladin team from time to time as it can still compete in the end-game with a good board.

I used that exact same team for a while. It is extremely durable, but slow, and is super-dependent on Rowanne. If the enemy targets Rowanne and takes down her armor, it can take quite a while to rebuild and you have no one else that can do any kind of damage in the meantime. This is why I like Settite Warrior with Rowanne - it provides a secondary damage-dealer that enhances Rowanne in the same way that Templar or Alastair do.

I was going to say that Bone Dragon is kryptonite to this team, but it is deadly to any Rowanne team.

Settite Warrior is a nice compliment to Gard’s Avatar too. :wink:

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Three more days before I have a remote chance at seeing that for myself.

I would give you one of mine if I could. :wink:

This team was a lot of fun right after hero classes came in:

Green Seer
Hero/Archer with Yasmine’s Chalice

Unfortunately, the Chalice isn’t readily available any more, but if you got it when it was, you can easily boost Rowanne’s armor to 150 or above. No one withstands that blast.


Ha. It’s deadly to any team in the late game. Maybe someone should campaign for it to be fixed?