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Rockworm question

Can someone please explain to me how a mythic rockworm does 20 damage with its spell? Just fought 3 rockworms and an acolyte. I see their trait give them an extra 3 magic but doesn’t seem like that should take their spell to 20. What am I missing?

The power of the kingdoms. They give extra magic too.

A lot of spells in this game scale with Magic.

In the case of Rockworm, their spell does [Magic +2] damage so any bonuses they get to Magic would apply to their spell damage.

Hi Lisa,

I just dropped you a line on Facebook, but for the benefit of anybody else reading the forums who is wondering the same thing…

The Rockworm spell (at Mythic Level, with all kingdoms maxed) has a base damage of 2, and gains +18 from his Magic Skill, for a total of 20 damage.

That +18 Magic is comprised of 10 from levelling him up, and +8 from maxing out the 4 Magic Kingdoms to 5 stars.

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With that math, the opponent has 1 Kingdom at 5 Stars (probably Zhul’Kari) because 3 Rock Worms also means another +3 Magic.

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Ah apologies - I was just looking at a rockworm in isolation without its 2 buddies and the acolyte!
(which was Lisa’s question on Facebook)
I didn’t take the time to read the more detailed question here. My bad!

You are indeed correct… @TaliaParks. Maxed out, that team would have 23 Damage on its Rockworms because of Stone Spirit.
So I’m going to guess they were getting 3 less Magic from the Kingdom bonuses, so only 5 came from there, not 8.

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I wonder if it would be possible to make those bonuses not stack, similar to type and kingdom bonuses, which require unique cards to activate.

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:-1::-1::-1::-1::-1::-1::-1::-1::-1::-1: said unique ten characters