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Same card same level no bonuses to either different stats

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
That my opponent who has the same card that is same level as my card and shows no bonuses for either of us, yet they have higher stats than mine.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Play PVP.

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Both Cards are Level 19
Both cards have NO bonuses from other cards (No pre-battle bonuses either)
Both cards are Legendary
Both cards have no Traits unlocked

So why does mine have less Magic while my opponent has more???
Oh an the player is 100 levels lower than me (I’m 154)

This is caused from kingdom leveling. Kingdoms can get up to 8 additional magic on all troops.

4 is from getting 4 kingdoms up to level 10
4 is from getting those 4 kingdoms to 5 stars
The kingdoms are Zhul’kari, Kharakoth, Blighted Lands, and Darkstone.

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A level 54 player probably would have a tough time getting that much magic from kingdoms. 2 magic from a guild bonus is possible, though…

Yes, you can get 2 magic from guild too, but it is a lot easier having 2 level 10 kingdoms than for a level 54 to be in a guild completing all purple tasks.

I screwed up on level, opponent is 140 (I rechecked)

I got all 4 magic kingdoms to level 10 around that point, so Tacet’s scenario is the most likely.