Burrow for 14 damage

Just fought a team 3 worms and prismatic. Worms wore burrowing for 14 damage. How that happens? I run a similar team just with borer instead of prismatic and they go for 11. If I had the 2 +magic kingdoms at 5 stars that would be 13 then see no more options at damage+.

EDIT: the solution is it’s me looking at number in the troop panel instead of in battle where mine is 14 too.O,O

prismatic crystal counts as a brown ally, so one extra magic compared to borer.

Before post checked the team, gets no bonus at all. 3 worms count as 1 so it’s 2 brown troops. With borer it gets some life for 2 kingrdom troops.


It’s their third trait, Stone Spirit: Gain 1 Magic for each Brown ally.
I just made a team like the one above, and they do 15 damage.


The Stone Spirit trait adds +1 magic for each brown ally and does work with duplicates… So all those worms are getting +4 magic…

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Ah, ok, I’m victim of display artifact (bug?), in battle mine are 14 too, I just checked the number in the teams panel where it is 11.

All traits are only active while in battle. So you won’t see their effects in the troops section.


Seem so, not a very good design IMNSHO, from the team window the characters should show the final stats with all bonuses and traits applied (except random gains).

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